About the Grand Beach & Area Development Corporation (GBADC)



President: Tim Edwards

Vice President: Dan Lester

Secretary: Jim Furtado

Treasurer: Terry Neplyk


Pauline Harder
Gregg Kuhnle
Dale Boss
Lori Rotchik
Shanna Karle
Debbie Smithson


The Grand Beach & Area Development Corporation is a body of concerned citizens, both corporate and private, from the Grand Beach, Grand Marais and surrounding East Beaches area who are determined to improve the quality of life and increase opportunities through responsible economic development and preservation of our natural and cultural resources and heritage.

GBADC is an open and democratic organization that is uniquely positioned to deal with issues that span municipalities and government departments. Membership and participation in GBADC is open to individuals and businesses that identify with the objectives of the organization.


Constitution (2014)


The membership fee for ALL of the following categories is $20.00 (in 2022)


* in these categories, the membership fee includes free contact information/address added with your listing on the Web site, as well as a picture or logo, and hyperlink if available to your own website (one year).

See page 2 of the Membership Application Form for more details on advertising and pricing.

To join the Grand Beach & Area Development Corporation click on the link below, print out the form and follow the mailing instructions on it.

GBADC membership form