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Elk Island Provincial Park

Victoria Beach area:

- Government Dock
- Hampton Subdivision
- Kroeken Place
- Pine Glen
- Sand Cliff
- Sandy Bay
- Sunrise Beach
- Victoria Beach
- Wannasing

Albert Beach area:

- Albert Beach
- Billygoat Estates
- Fairhaven Estates
- Marina
- Victoria Bay Estates

Hillside Beach area:

- Grand Pines
- Hillside beach
- Iron Wood Point
- Nellie Danwich Subdivision
- Traverse Bay Corner

Traverse Bay area:

- Evergreen Beach
- Sunrise Estates
- Traverse Bay Estates
- Traverse Bay Resort


- Belair
- Belair Properties
- Johnny's Drive
- Lester Beach
- Pebble Springs
- Pinewood Cove
- Pinegrove Estates
- Shoreline Properties

Grand Beach Provincial Park

Grand Marais area:

- Bear Paw, Blueberry Ridge
- Grand Marais
- Lakeshore Heights
- Osprey Road
- Sunset Beach
- Sunset Bay Estates
- Whitesands Estates

Balsam Bay area:

- Almdal's Cove
- Balsam Bay
- Balsam Harbour
- Government Dock
- Halcyon Cove
- Saint Luke's Anglican Church
- Thomas Cove

Beaconia area:

- Beaconia
- Boulder Bay
- Island Beach

Patricia Beach area:

- Hideway Crescent
- Michelle Street
- Stoney Point

Gull Lake area:

- Gull Lake
- Stead
- Thalberg

Current Grand Beach
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Calling Community Members To Help the Community in 2018

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Mobile Health Clinic

every Thursday,
year round,

at Grand Marais Community Central

...serving all East Beaches ...residents, cottagers and visitors

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updated October 11, 2018

The East Beaches - A Year Round Destination

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What's Happening At the Beach:

October 13, 2018

Mayoral and Ward 2 Candidates
Municipal Elections Forum more..

October 24, 2018

Municipal Elections

Who Can Vote in the Municipal Election:

* Residents - providing you have resided at your place for at least 6 months prior to Oct. 24/18 (4/24/18)
* Non-Residents - must be a registered land owner in the RM for at least 6 months prior to Oct. 24/18 (4/24/18)
* If you live in one Ward and also own property in the other Ward you can only vote in the Ward that
you reside in
* If you live in one RM and own property in another RM you can vote in both RM’s
* For School Division elections you can only vote in the division in which you live

Voting locations for Ward 2 are located at:
* the Libau Community Club
* Thalberg Hall
* Patricia Beach Community Hall
* Grand Marais Rec Centre
* Bronx Park Community Centre - 720 Henderson Hwy - Winnipeg

* Advance voting is on Thursday, Oct. 18/18 at the RM of St Clements office in East Selkirk

* You can vote from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on either Oct. 18 (Advance) or Oct. 24. It is also advisable
to take I.D. with you when you go to vote. You will be voting for one (1) Mayor and three (3) Councillors
per Ward


For details and a complete listing of all East Beaches Events... here